Hasbury Care Home


JOB TITLE:   Home based Care Worker

REPORT TO:   Manager / Deputy Manager


To provide a range of personal, social, emotional and practical care tasks as required, for the well being of service users and their carers’, living in their own homes within the community, whilst keeping a watchful brief on their changing needs.

To work towards an assessment and planned package of care , enabling service users and their carers to exercise control over their own lives by maximising their independence. The provision of a culturally and ethnically appropriate service is integral to the provision of home based care.


To attend the homes of our service users, where you will provide service and perform duties as specified by the manager or senior staff member. Staff are expected to carry out their duties as instructions on care plans and to record significant information on relevant charts.

To respect the direction of care as expressed by the service user and to comply as far as possible. Service users, relatives and Social Care and Health professionals can also review the care need and may change them without notice.

To assist service users with bathing in bed, in the bathroom, which include aspects of personal hygiene.

To assist with the management of bladder and bowel issues.

To assist service users with undressing, washing and dressing .

To assist with mobility and transfers using specialised equipment when provided.

To assist with feeding, eating and drinking.

To supervise service users with taking of medication, under the direction of the GP or nurse from a medipak.

To provide a safe environment for the service user.

To provide emotional support to the service user and relevant family members, as part of the community team.

To supervise service user outside the home, which must be advised by the manager or senior staff member, ensuring company policy requirements are upheld and permission gained.



RESPONSIBLE TO: :   Manager and Deputy

PURPOSE OF POSITION: To share with other staff in meeting the personal needs of residents in a way that respects the dignity of the individual and promotes independence.


  1. Assist residents who need help with dressing , undressing, bathing and the toilet.
  2. Help residents with mobility problems and other physical disabilities , including incontinence, help with care of aids and personal equipment.
  3. Care of residents temporarily sick and in need of , for example minor dressings, bed nursing.
  4. Help care for residents who are dying and assisting in last rites.
  5. Help in the promotion of mental and physical activity of residents through talking to them, taking them out, sharing with them in activities such as reading, writing, hobbies and recreations.
  6. Make and change beds, tidy rooms and do light cleaning, empty commodes.
  7. Inspect , launder and mend residents clothing.
  8. Set tables and trays, serve meals, feed residents who need help, prepare light meals and wash up, tidy and clear dining room.
  9. Answer buzzers, the door and telephone , greet visitors.
  10. Report on stock levels before they become critical.
  11. Give assistance to outside professionals when visiting the home e.g. Doctor, district nurse, chiropodist, dentist and hairdresser.
  12. Such other duties as may be required.


  1. Dress in a manner considered appropriate and acceptable to the manager.
  2. Work unsocial hours as required and change duties to ensure the smooth and safe running of the establishment.
  3. Respect the confidentiality of both the home and its residents.


  1. Ensure that the safety of the residents is paramount.
  2. Be familiar with the fire regulations and the appropriate procedures/.


  1. Attend all mandatory courses and lectures to enhance knowledge.

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